L. A. High Memorial Park
park sign

                To  honor  the  graduates  and  under-graduates of  the school
            who took part in World War I and to commemorate the school's
            fiftieth  anniversary,  the  students voted in 1922 to buy the acre-
            age across  the street,  a plot of  ground  approximately 315  by
            350 feet,  to be used as a memorial park.   In  a drive  for funds,
            the students  raised $6,000  or an average of  $2.00  per person.
            The additional  $15,000  was taken from the Student Body fund.
            In 1923,  the school's  fiftieth birthday,  the  park was dedicated.
            Because  a  Student   Body  cannot  legally  hold  ground  as  a
            park,  the  land was  turned  over  to  the  City  of  Los  Angeles
            on condition that it be kept in perpetuity as a park.
                Although  the library  itself  was built  by  the city as a branch
            of  the  Los  Angeles  Public  Library,  the  students contributed
            the  money  for  the  stained  glass  memorial   window,  whose
            symbol  represents the divisions of  the  Army,  Navy,  Marines,
            Engineers  and  Aviation of World  War I.  Also on the window
            are the school motto, the names of the alumni  killed in the war,
            and  the poem  "In  Flanders  Fields."
                Not  only  do  Seniors  have the traditional  privilege of using
            the park during lunch period,  but  also, because of the foresight
            of  Mr.  Housh, the principal,  and the students of  1922, L. A.'s
            view  to the north  will  always be one of  beauty,  unobstructed
            by  private  buildings  that  would  otherwise  have  been  con-
            structed  directly  across  from  the  school.


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